The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the cracks of our fragile healthcare system. It’s time to lay the groundwork for a new era, knowing the future will result from the choices we make now. We can choose courage over comfort, the collective over the individual, inclusion over hierarchy. Or we can choose the status quo.

BC Family Doctors is advocating for different choices to create a new reality for physicians and patients.

We can create a new tomorrow where everyone can thrive.

Increase supports to address the rising costs of doing business.

Family physicians are more than just healthcare providers; we are small business owners.

We need help with the rising costs and responsibilities of running community-based family medicine clinics, from privacy protections to infrastructure costs, PPE supplies to virtual care technology.

Family physicians need more supports to manage the business aspects of medical practice.

Modernize and create equity in physician compensation

Modernize and create equity in physician compensation

The current fee-for-service payment schedule does not reflect modern medical practice or support relationship-based care. It is outdated and inequitable. Alternate payment models have not kept pace.

There is a significant pay gap among BC doctors. Women’s & children’s healthcare services and mental health care are undervalued.

It is time to address pay equity. We need to modernize fee-for-service, improve existing alternate payment models, and introduce new payment models to ensure primary care services reflect 21st century care delivery.

Address systemic factors impacting physician workload and health

Address systemic factors impacting physician workload and health

Between charting, completing forms and managing referrals, family physicians spend hours every day doing paperwork that takes time away from patient care.

We need supports and resources to reduce administrative burdens.

We need to address the systemic issues impacting our workload and our health, so family physicians can get back to doing the work we love – caring for patients.

Increase family physician engagement and representation

Increase family physician engagement and representation

Primary care reform needs to be informed by family physicians’ experience and expertise as specialists in primary care.

We need family physicians at key decision-making tables to improve the system of care for patients and physicians.

Family physicians need to be seen and heard. Speaking to the value of family medicine and our specialist knowledge as family doctors.

BC Family Doctors