I have been running Grow Health with my most brilliant and fierce colleagues for 5 years.  I have been dabbling in “leadership” type roles on and off for a bit longer than that.  And, I have been acting as your President-Elect over this past year.  To be completely honest, there is a common pattern to how I assume roles:  I naively step up to do what no one else wants to.  Often to find some space from full time office work.  There is no altruism here. 

As a result, many a time I have wondered if I am the right person for the job.  I despise politics, refuse to play games, I tend hard towards reactivity, I don’t have a firm understanding of “the players” and the history, and I will never for the life of me understand the various pots of money that pay us (no matter how many times it is explained to me by Hymie!).  But here is the thing: I really know Family Practice and I really know what it means to run a clinic

And every time I sit at a meeting, I am shocked to realize that although there are many who have expert historical knowledge, experience, and who know how to “game” better than my pandemic quarantined kids, not many “get” Family Practice at all.  Not like I do and certainly not like all of you reading this do.  Although we need the former for sure, we need the latter, now more than ever.  Essentially, we need YOU at the table, now, more than ever.  We need passion and courage, the willingness to speak up and risk mistakes, the will to believe in our worth and utter humility as we do all of it.  I know you all cannot be at the table, so that is why I am here: I will be you at the table.

I cannot promise to always get it right, but I will vehemently commit to the truth.  You will never hear circular political speak from me, nor will you have to survive platitudes and excessive back-patting, and I (sort of) apologize in advance for any profanities uttered. When we as the BC Family Doctors fail or are frustrated about something, I am going to tell you.  When there is something to celebrate, there will be ALL CAPS and exclamation marks!!  Because I have two goals this year: 1) to ensure that you have complete trust and utter pride in this organization.  I want this to feel like your home, the place where you fall when the day has been just a little too long; and 2) to prove to you that you are worth it.  You are worth sick days, you are worth vacation, you are worth adequate pay, and you are worth exclamations of joy and kindness wherever you go.  Because when you soar, so do your patients. 

BC Family Doctors is an organization that was built to advocate for Family Physicians: we protect physicians so they can serve their patients.  In 2020, we have had several stark reminders about what happens if you back down from advocating for what is right.  If you disregard the earth, it burns.  If you disregard human rights, people die.  If you disregard science, viruses win. 

BC Family Doctors will not watch primary care be disregarded.  We, our patients, our families, and our Earth deserve better.  So, thank you for accepting me as your President and as your alternate at the table.  Thank you for being in my mind when my energy wanes and when I question.  May we walk out of 2020 and 2021 with more knowing our love, kindness, and care.

Dr. Jennifer Tranmer
BC Family Doctors


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