Dr. Karen Forgie

As I look forward to my term as President of BC Family Doctors, I am thankful for the supportive, thoughtful, vocal and inspirational members of our organization.

You have challenged us with important questions and requests. Your voices are clearly asking for more from this organization. We have been asked to be more visible, more accountable, and more transparent. You are telling us to share more, question more, and stand up for more. I believe we are up to these challenges.

I am a long-time rural family doctor with 27 years of practice in BC. This has been supplemented through the years with intermittent work in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, northern Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Zealand and volunteer emergency medicine in St. Lucia, Caribbean.

Many years ago, I was an RN, midwife and outpost nurse working in rural and remote Newfoundland and Labrador for 9 years. This included two years in a regional nursing administrative position before attending medical school. These experiences provided an excellent foundation for my family doctor career and it solidified my interest in rural generalism.

I have been involved in my community as a Division board member, then Board Chair. I am currently the President of the Sechelt Medical Staff Association. I have always been involved with teaching at the medical student and resident level and currently hold a UBC appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

I look forward to serving you as President. We have the opportunity to shape your BC Family Doctors into what we want it to be, now and for our future. So, let’s do it.

Dr. Karen Forgie
BC Family Doctors


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