New Fees for Patients with Suspected/Confirmed COVID-19

Yes, there are two new fees. Use diagnostic code C19.

  • T13701 Office Visit for COVID-19 with test: $50
  • T13702 Office Visit for COVID-19 without test: $40

The T13701 or T13702 may be billed on the same day as a Telehealth fee whether the services are provided by the same physician or two different physicians.

No, both T13701 and T13702 are payable only for in-person assessment. Use 13037 for a Telehealth visit for COVID-19 using diagnostic code C19.

No, physicians working in the ER should continue to bill their usual patient assessment codes, rather than billing T13701 and T13702.

Yes. You may use new fee T13708 FP COVID-19 communication with specialist and/or allied care provider.

This fee replaces 14018 and 14077 for communication about care of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Use diagnostic code C19.

No, this would be considered a communication that is part of regular work flow, so billing T13708 is not billable.  See fee notes in Details of New Fees For The COVID-19 Pandemic.

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