New GPSC Communication Fees

Remember, phone visits by physicians should be billed under Telehealth codes (usually (13237 series, 13238 series). If you are delegating the work (as below), there are two new fees now available that should be used instead of 14076 and 14078.

  • Use T13706 FP Delegated Patient Telehealth Management Fee in the amount of $20 when delegating phone calls to a College-certified allied care provider employed within your office.
  • Use T13707 FP Email/Text/Telephone Medical Advice Relay or ReRX Fee in the amount of $7 when delegating relay of your medical advice to the patient by any allied care provider or MOA working in your office. T13707 may also be used to renew prescriptions when no patient visit (either by phone/video or in-person) is required.

Yes, MSP has confirmed that billing 13707 is acceptable for this.

There must be some auditable recording of the prescription renewal when billing T13707: chart entry; scan of a sent fax or other permanently retained method.

No, 13707 cannot be billed in addition to a visit service on the same day.

There is no daily limit per physician or per patient. Remember T13708 is for communication about a patient with suspected or active COVID-19 only and is not payable for communications which are part of regular workflow or routine rounds.

No, this would be considered part of regular workflow, so 13708 is not billable.

14077 is still billable for telehealth calls with other Specialists or Allied Care Providers (ACP) if they meet the criteria as defined in the fee rules (including minimum 15 min or better portion thereof).

T13708 is only for telehealth discussions about a patient with suspected or active COVID-19 and has no minimum time requirement.

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